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The easiest, fastest way to sell your house.

If you’re saying, “I need to sell my house fast,” we have great news for you. Selling your house any other way just isn’t as quick, easy and hassle-free as CMC Investments makes it. Think of all the stress you’d have getting repairs done, cleaning, having showings and the people traipsing through your house – not to mention the uncertainty, time and cost involved.

Speaking of cost, you don’t pay any commissions, and we pay all normal closing costs.

We may only have to visit your house once.

You don’t have to fix or clean anything when we come to see you and your house. We’ll see it “as is,” the same way we can buy it. Often, on that first visit, we make a firm cash offer that we won’t lower before closing.

We’ve bought more houses than anyone, but we’ve treated each house, each seller, as a completely unique situation, and we’ll work with you the same way. We’ll work with you to determine how we can help you best.

Our visit won’t cost you anything, and you’re under no obligation to accept any offer we make. So you have nothing to lose but the usual expenses and hassle of selling your house any other way.

Free Consultation

We see your property first so we can quickly make an offer you can depend on.

Firm Cash Offer

When we do make our firm cash offer, you can trust it won't change before closing.

Quick Close

We can close as fast as three weeks or whenever you prefer.

What we look for on our visit.

Normally, our house appointments take no more than an hour, but we’ll take as long as you like to answer your questions. We inspect the exterior of the house, then ask you to lead us on a walkthrough, when we’ll take a look at your bedrooms, bathrooms, water heater, HVAC system and maybe one or two other things.

How we arrive at our offer.

We consider local market conditions and neighborhood comparative sales along with what we’ve learned about your house on our visit. Our local property specialist will know your area well enough that he or she may be able to consider that data and make you a fair offer on the first visit.

If you accept the offer, we can close in as few as three weeks, but we’ll work with you to come up with the timeline that suits your needs best if you need a later time.

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